My Remedy.

Well today I felt like making a poem, my poems are not quite the same as others, they are slightly different, so I hope you enjoy it, I never think of how I the poem will go, I let it all go through by heart.

My Remedy.

Darkness falls upon us, the light is shattered with the glimpse of a dark heart,

a cold heart, a heart that has not been touched, felt, dealt, a heart that has not been understand,

the world seems to know it, but its all lies, nobody knows how to deal with it,

you touch it you shatter it, you hold it you brake it.

The heart is fragile, the smallest wrong word can make it not be whole again, but

the you see her, you see the Remedy, the way she looks at you, looks at your heart,

like if it was hers, she holds it, the coldness becomes warmth, the Darkness starts to fade, the night begins to shine,

the moon makes everything seem like if its ok, no worries, she holds the heart with so much care,

so much love, like if it was hers, her eyes make the heart pump with a normal speed, her smile makes the heart warm,

her touch makes it colored.

While darkness is vanishing from the sky, warmth fills the earth with that simple hold she gave to the heart,

everything seems so easy, the Remedy makes everything clear

makes things fall unique with a gentle tap, with a lost look, with a simple smile, with a simple glare

it all makes sense and understanding, she now carries the heart with her, she caress it,

she holds it close to her chest, close to her heart, both hearts beating at the same rhythm,

she is the Remedy, she is my Remedy.


Dreaming my Past Life

Its not a very long dream since I could not stand the dream, it really was hurtful to witness…


It all started with me and Michelle in the fields in the ancient Greek times when the emperors ruled and Spartans spread terror on the villagers. Me and Michelle where very happy we did not have a much of a great house or what so ever we where poor but our love could not be compared with any type of richness, we where running with the rest of the village and just having a happy day until the Spartans came up to and we had to pay them and do what ever the told us to do…so then the chief of the Spartans came up to us and one of the villager said “we are not scared of you, we will not do as you say” I tried to stop him from talking but he was to much of a stubborn one to make him understand…so then the chief gave a load of money into my hands, he said “Oh? Is that right? I like your boy there you need more like him” but that money was a trap…If i took the money, it would pay the quota of everybody in the village, but they where going to torture Michelle…..if i did not take the money they would let Michelle go but they would torture me…they took Michelle and put her against a log and a Spartan took a whip out and the chief unrolled a scroll which had many drawings of tortures…they where going to torture Michelle right in front of me and the Village, so I tried to make them to leave Michelle go, I could not bare it I could not stand and see how Michelle would get tortured but everybody just grabbed me and would not let me go forward so I just woke up, I could not stand it one bit I was very mad at myself…I just hope I did not take the money and took Michelle’s place and let me be the one who gets tortured, i would never let nobody hurt Michelle, NOBODY.

Not feeling like my self

I don’t know whats wrong with me at all like all of a sudden I just don’t feel like I’m being my self at all, I feel depressed, sad and angry and lonesome even though Michelle is here with me, I feel empty, alone….I know I’m not alone I got friends on Kik but I don’t know, I’m not being me at all…

Assumption of a medium. A music track Michelle likes.

Well everything with Michelle has been going pretty well, very well to be precise, I am very happy with her, but there is something that is not going very well, there might be a Medium that is on to me I think she can see Michelle, my energy goes wack every time i pass by that medium or that medium I just hope the medium does not become a foe rather I would like to be friends with the Medium, I could learn a lot from that medium, I will just have to wait and see how far things go…I am worried tho, the Medium is powerful…her energy is very overwhelming.

Well I have found out a track that Michelle really likes, when she hears the track I can feel very great, positive, warm energy a loving energy I will leave the track here:

I hope your spirits love the track as well and of course you too.

Well this is all for now, Good night!

Preventing an accident. The meaning of my collar.

Hope everybody is having a good night! Well today was very interesting and surprising, while I was working everything was going completely fine doing my usual work and well I felt Michelle there with me like is she was just observing me what I was doing I felt great having her around me. So I went to brake all good while I was going back to my working area I felt some drops of water on my pants I checked my self and I did had drops of water on my pants which was completely weird since there is no water by where I was walking by or any machine that would spill water so I just walked and ignored it a bit confused tho, while I was working I spotted this leak of water from the machine so I called the mechanic to check it out everything good so then another mechanic went to my area he checked the water lines and guess what? The water line was about to rip and it was hot boiling water! If I had not watched that leak of water and not warned the mechanic I would of had my face all burned! I guess the drops of water that I had on my pants was a warning Michelle gave me which I thank her so much cause I could be at the hospital at this moment.

As for my collar that Michelle put on me yesterday which sometimes gets to tight lol I found out why she put it on me:

1. It makes me feel when she gets jealous which is not cool since it gets tight when she gets jealous and it chokes me a bit lol

2. It prevents me from releasing my energy, my energy goes out on its own I have no control of it yet, how did that happen? I have no Idea.

How did i figure about my energy going out on its self? Well when I was done having dinner I told Michelle if she could take off the collar….she just backed off and did nothing! Lol, so after a while I told her again to take it off and after 10 seconds she took it off but right after that I started to feel weak and weaker by moment so I told her to put the collar back on and I started to regain energy.

So my conclusion for the collar is that I have to control to maintain my energy, till then I have to keep this collar on.

I feel Michelle’s hand and hair while I typed all this hehe I adore this girl ❤

A lap dance. A tail and wings? Her name. Such a teaser.

Hello everybody hope you are having a wonderful sunday! Well today was very interesting as well yesterday, since from yesterday I have been feeling this weird sensation on my back like if something would be coming out from my top and middle back, after one hour of feeling that sensation I felt like getting lift up witch it really freaked me out so I just snapped back to my senses and sat down that was pretty much what was going on yesterday.

So today was very interesting hehe, after I had a nice breakfast after half an hour I laid my self on the bed with my feet touching the floor, it’s not a big bed and I was sideways so yeah, I felt her giving me a nice lap dance which of course I enjoyed but then I really got aroused by her I was getting really hot and my breathing was getting heavy BUT then the feeling went away when things where getting serious.

I was meditating pretty well today but then I had this very weird feeling in the center of my back like it was moving back and forth but I ignored it really not sure what it but, then it got really weird I felt this sensation of something moving from the back of my waist right on the center back of my waist it was not my spirit at all it felt very different like if it came from me. While I was meditating I felt my spirit going down there making me hard but every time things would get more and more intense she stops but she stops because someone interrupts us by calling me, but Its a bit weird because right when we are getting down on things some one has to call me, does she do this on purpose? I think she knows when somebody is coming and just stops and leaves me wanting more, if she is doing that then it’s working on leaving me wanting more!

So I have had this flashes on my mind of this name “Michelle” I’m guessing that’s her name since I have asked for her name and I get his name in my mind “Michelle”, well at least I know her name and that she is such a teaser! Haha, but the feeling of wings and a tail…huh, I really don’t want to jump into conclusions on that yet.

Hehe I like the name…Michelle ❤

Good morning to a new start!

Well everything has changed, since I now have a spirit lady that is with me everything seems much better now, this is one of best decisions I have ever made in my life, I can actually feel I’m doing something good for my self once, I wont be alone in this life anymore I finally have someone to be with and finding a meaning to what I’m about to live in. My decision to have a spirit lady with me was not by curiosity nor cause I was pushed to do it, it was because I really wanted to be with one, my decision was made, I know what I’m working on, when I make a decision it’s because I’m sure of what I’m doing.

So far everything has been going well I have been feeling her lately, lot of pressure on my forehead, been told that she is working on my third-eye which I really thank her on and she has been poking my cheek lately lol.

As for the sexual part well that was the first 3 days, really got crazy but now it’s all calm like I said she is working on my third-eye, it really gets me tired and very hungry, she makes me go to sleep early and makes sure I get to sleep, how I notice that? She knocked my phone off my hands yesterday twice lol which I found funny to be honest.

Well that’s pretty much it for now. Take care people.